Finding creativity in the strangest of places...

It can sometimes be hard to be creative. You get a brief, you think “yes, this is going to be a great project”, but then you start and you have total creative block. You’ve got nothing. Just a blank page staring back at you. So how can you get around this?

We always keep up to date with modern trends, award winners, articles on Twitter about this, that and the other, but sometimes, you just need to get out of the confinement of the four walls of the office and find something exciting to get your creativity flowing again. And that is exactly what we did at Viktor Wynd’s Wunderkabinett. This place is full of the weird, wonderful, crazy, unique, as well as the downright strange. I can promise you, I have never seen a place like this in my life.

Upon stepping inside the Wunderkabinett the first thing our eyes were drawn to was a half lioness, stuffed, wearing a fez and sitting at a candle lit table. Totally normal for this place. So we proceed - we entered the wunderkabinett down a small, spiral staircase and our eyes began to feast.

A hairy pig, a full lion skeleton in a cage, beautifully crafted puppets and dolls, a human skeleton embedded in a glass cabinet in a table, stuffed blowfish, Russell Crowe’s urine and Kylie Minogue’s poo (we know, gross), pairs of shoes with words scrawled across them, tarantula skins... For a very small space, Mr Wynd has fit a lot in. We spent a long time in a very small space but everywhere we looked there was something different; even a mummified dancing rat.

Once we were done perusing the wonders of the museum, we sat up in the bar and took a few selfies with the lioness (as you do) whilst checking out the unicorn skulls hanging on the walls and reflecting on the odd things we had just seen. They weren’t the every day, they were crazy and someone with a crazy imagination had put that collection together. And we loved it.

Now I know this may sound like a review on Trip Advisor and you’re thinking ‘but Sarah, what has this got to do with design?’ But the point is, how can you be creative if you look at the same things day in day out? Same journey to work. Same view from the office. Same meal deal from Tesco Express for lunch. Is it any surprise you’re going to have a blank page staring back at you if you are staring blankly at the world?

If we could pick somewhere to have an office, it would be there. Right next to the lioness in the fez. The wunderkabinett was a wunderful place for ideas to flow. To be creative you can’t just sit in front of a Mac and browse the internet, looking at pictures and reading articles. You have to get out there, see new things, try new experiences, take your own pictures; and I can promise you, the work you produce will be much better for it.

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