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February 2016 was an incredibly lovey-dovey month. Not only was there the standard Valentine’s Day celebrations, 2016 was also a leap year – meaning February 29th saw women all around the world getting down on one knee and proposing to their other halves.

So in light of this, we thought we’d delve into the world of weddings. But not the obvious elements - the dress, the venue, the food - no, we love the little things. So here are some of our favourite little things to consider when planning / designing your wedding.


Wedding invitations

Okay, so maybe this isn’t such a ‘little thing’. Arguably the most important graphic design element of any wedding is the wedding invitation. It needs to be clear and memorable, plus it’s the first taste of your wedding that your guests will have, so you want an invitation that really reflects what you have planned for your big day.

So, we love designs that stand out, and designs that tie in well with any themes or plans for the wedding.

One wedding we designed the invitations for had a nautical theme as the groom was in the Navy, and so there was a clear direction in which to take the design. There was also a lot of information needed as family were travelling from far and wide to attend, so we had to ensure that the invitations were clear as well as concise. This is what led us to designing a layered invitation pack.

We designed another wedding pack for a couple who had planned an outdoor ceremony, complete with 'games in the gardens' and the option to camp overnight - we therefore wanted the invitations to have a 'natural' and 'outdoorsy' feel to them. Again there was a lot of information to include so that guests could plan accordingly, so we designed another pack.

Here are some examples of invitations created by other designers that we love:


Table themes

Unlike the invitations, the table themes might not seem too important in the grand scheme of things. But we see it as a cute little way of putting your own personal touch on the day and to reflect the personalities of the couple themselves. They can be especially fun if you have a theme. So we were delighted to be asked to help design the table themes for some of our clients!

For the naval themed wedding mentioned previously, the tables were organised into different naval ranks and assigned their own colours so as to be located easily both in the dining room and on the seating plan

Another couple hadn’t really given it much thought - they didn’t have a particular theme to lend itself to any particular table names either. Once we’d designed their invitations though, we had a thought. As they had decided to announce that they were ‘tying the knot’ to their guests, we thought why not name each table after a different style of knot? And that’s what the couple decided to do:

Here are some other clever table themes we think are genius:


Signs around the venue

Something that couples may not think about is signage at the venue. Of course some venues may not require any signage - however, we see it as another way of tying the whole day together, as well as helping your guests navigate themselves throughout the day!

For our couple ‘tying the knot’, we were tasked to design a simple sign to direct guests to the ceremony location - we were also asked to design a clear itinerary in-keeping with the rest of the designs to be put on display for the guests, including the menu:

One couple decided to each choose a poem to display at their ceremony which they thought eloquently reflected their feelings for their partner - they also wanted some signs to help guide their guests through the venue:


Here are some more examples of signage that we've come aross:



You’ve done it, you’re hitched! The day was a success and you now have the memory of your wedding day to cherish forever. Your guests had a great time too, and so you want to give them a little something to remember the day by. Time to break out the wedding favours.

We think the best wedding favours are personalised, meaningful, and act as an extension of the day - something your guests can use / enjoy after the event. These can be really easy to make yourself, and so can also tie in with the other designs you had on your big day.

Here are examples of some of our favourite wedding favours we've seen:


So, if any of you were lucky enough to get a proposal in February, congratulations! You have a lot of planning ahead of you - but don't worry, it'll be worth it for the lifetime of happiness that'll come with it. And, if you need any design help, just give us a shout, we'd be happy to help.

To learn more about the designs above, click on the images, where you will be redirected to their source.

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