Stranger than Stranger Things...

Have you heard of Stranger Things? Of course you have. It's the hottest thing on Netflix right now and everyone's talking about it.

I couldn't help but see what all the fuss was about, and so I started watching it recently.

**Don't worry, no spoilers ahead!**

So I was part way through episode two which was slowly just ticking along nicely at this point, when suddenly I heard the name 'Benny's'. That caught my attention, as that's the name of one of our clients. 'That's a coincidence', I thought.

Then suddenly, whilst I was still smiling to myself, I saw this:

It was at this point I did a double take and began pointing frantically at the TV. "What the?!!"

This is probably one of the few scenes in Stranger Things that didn't exactly warrant this reaction - but take a look at the logo we designed for Benny's a few years back:

I know the show is called 'Stranger Things', but I wasn't expecting it to be 'real life' strange!

Our client was looking for a 'classic diner' look for the brand - judging by this episode, I'd say we must have pretty much nailed it!

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