Limited edition Halloween post!

What with Halloween just a couple weeks away, we thought this would be a good time to look back on some examples of a company using the holiday to promote themselves through the use of limited edition products. Some you may have seen yourself:

1. Screme Egg

A classic. Launched back in 2011, I thought screme egg was genius. Everyone knows that Easter is fast approaching when they see that Creme Eggs are back on the shelves - but being a Easter-related product does have it's limitations. Well, Cadbury broke free of these limitations when they released the Screme Egg. It gives Cadbury a great opportunity to promote the product more than once a year!

2. Burger King Halloween Whopper

Brought out in the UK for Halloween last year, the Burger King Halloween Whopper gained quite a lot of attention. The black bun really is freaky – it’s a great excuse for customers to get in store and try it out for themselves. I know I’d give it a go. It doesn’t look like Burger King have brought the Halloween Whopper back this year – it could be to do with the fact that there were numerous reports of the bun turning people’s poo green… Ew. Now that is scary!

3. Guinness drink coasters

This is a bit of an obscure example, but we love it. The campaign was launched in Romania back in 2009, where Guinness isn’t as popular. Guinness wanted to boost sales for Halloween night, and Tempo, the ad agency behind the campaign, came up with the idea of creepy coasters. This got customers intrigued, and so punters bought a pint of Guinness so as to check these out. Sales of the drink boomed that night, and customers went home with their coasters – a reminder of the brand.

4. Mr Kipling Witches Hat Fancies / Fiendish Fancies

Simple but effective. French Fancies are normally colourful, and so it mustn’t take a lot for Mr. Kipling to simply change the colour of the icing and tweak the packaging especially. Perfect for Halloween parties and buffets! (Although likening the black fancies to ‘witches hats’ may be a bit of a stretch!)

5. Reese’s Pumpkins

Reese’s aren’t strangers to changing the shape of their famous cups. For Easter they release egg-shaped cups, for Christmas their cups take the form of Christmas Trees, and Halloween is no exception, where the cups are made into pumpkin shapes.

Although, I use the term 'shapes’ loosely… I don’t think you would necessarily guess straight away what these are supposed to be if you saw them without the packaging. Having said that, you can’t really go too far wrong with an ‘egg’ shape:

But, Reese’s cleverly acknowledged the shapes (or lack thereof) and launched the following hashtag in relation to the Christmas trees. Well saved!

6. Krispy Kreme

You can’t really be surprised that Krispy Kreme made this list – they’ll bring out special donuts for any old occasion - Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter, Summertime, and more! So naturally, Halloween is another excuse for Krispy Kreme to get their creative juices flowing – and they never disappoint.

7. M&Ms

M&M’s are another brand who will market special edition products without much prompting. For the World Cup for example, they released special edition Brazilian bags, with specially chosen colours to represent the country. For Halloween, they do the same.

8. Lush

Soooo you may have noticed that all of the previous examples are food products – this makes sense in a way, as food plays an extremely big part of Halloween. As food products also have less shelf-life than some other non-disposable products, it doesn’t hurt to mix things up little for a short period of time.

Lush however have set a great example and really utilise Halloween to expand their product line, and their sales. You may have seen the video of their latest products circulating Instagram and Facebook - they look truly gruesome and freaky when they're being used - like bathing in your own witches potion. Love it!

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