Website FAQs                  

What do I need in order to set up a website?

To set up a website, you’ll need website hosting, a domain name and the full content of your website.

Website hosting (estimated cost: £40-50/year)

This is the storage space your website requires. Without hosting, your website would no longer appear on the Internet. Like print adverts in magazines, you need to renew your lease on the space. Companies such as and can provide hosting on an annual basis at very competitive costs. We do not have preferred partners for hosting, but are happy to discuss this area to find the most appropriate solution for you.


Website domain name (estimated cost: £10-20 every 2 years)

This is your website address. Domain name fees are usually collected every two years and the cost varies based on who you register the domain with and how desirable the domain name is. Most people like to register their domain name with the same company as their website hosting in order to keep everything ‘under one roof’.


Website content

We will need all the information that you wish to include in your website. Making changes to a website after completion is very time consuming, so we must have all images and copy before your project is commenced. We prefer the text to be in Word format and the images saved as JPEGs or PNGs. If you’ve already got them in a different format, just ask us for advice.

What if I don't have any text and images?

We can help. Talk to us about what you’d like. We offer a content writing service and have access to an image library of millions of photos.


Do you provide logo design?

Yes. We can provide you with a tailored and unique identity which reflects the personality of your company. Careful use of icons, colour schemes and graphics will enhance the visitors’ overall experience and help underline the company brand. Contact us for more information about logo design, as well as many other parts of the modern branding process.


How will people find my website?

Websites that aren’t custom built, such as those offered by online web-builder services, are usually so badly structured and bloated with unnecessary code that search engines never ‘see’ them in the first place. Our websites are built with clean, organised code and modern web standards to give your website the best possible chance of success.

Beyond these build-level considerations, you might want to consider a ‘search optimisation’ package, which can be tailored specifically to your needs.


What else can be done to promote my website?

Marketing your website offline is of vital importance to attracting new business and enhancing your company profile. To maximise the effectiveness of your new website, we recommend that you include your web address on all company literature, business cards and brochures.


For more information on ‘search engine optimisation’ and how you can raise your website’s profile on Google, contact us for a quote.


How can I find out how my website perform?

We can set up your site for use through Google Analytics which gives you a huge amount of detail with lots of pretty graphs. This can be used to measure the website’s success and how much traffic is generated each month. You can see how many people have visited the site at any given time, what keywords have been used to find your site and what the most popular pages are. Detailed breakdowns of this information can be used for further optimisation and to track the increase in web traffic over time.


Do you offer a photography service?

We work closely with a professional photographic studio to ensure your photography is of the highest quality. Please contact us for more information and to receive a quote.


Can I update the website myself?

If you choose the Wordpress website package, you will be able to make updates using just an internet browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc). You will have complete control of your website content using a passworded login system. If you’d like us to update your site for you, we can do it at our usual hourly artwork rate.


Are your websites ‘responsive’?

Yes. Search engines prefer responsive websites. Our websites automatically reflow and adapt to the screen size they are viewed on. Whether viewed on mobile, tablet or desktop, they will respond and alter their layout accordingly.


What extra services can you offer?

We offer many other website features, including:

Image galleries 

Website forms

Team directory

Project portfolio

Event calendar

Interactive Google maps

Mailing list sign-up and email newsletters

Photography and video production


Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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